Pressure Pumping SERVICES

Lightning Energy Services is a leader in providing a variety of pumping services to the oil and natural gas industry.

We work closely with our clients to develop on-site solutions and approaches to ensure proper well production, as well as, ensure the safety of the employees and our clients.

Providing a number of Pressure Pumping Services, our team is experienced in providing pump downs, Drill Outs, Toe Preps, Acid Remediation and Coil Tubing Assistance.

Our team’s knowledge of these services ensures Lightning Energy Services is your industry leader.

To learn more about the various Pressure Pumping Services at Lightning Energy Services, contact our team today and see how Lightning can become your next oilfield servicing partner.

Why Lightning's Pressure Pumping Services

Our operators understand the importance of their precision work, and our team’s experience and knowledge of the process provide an added value to your project.

At Lightning Energy Services, our Pressure Pumping services include:

  • Pumps Downs
  • Drill outs
  • Toe Preps
  • Acid Remediation
  • Coil Tubing Assistance

Our equipment also includes

  • (6) 1000 HP Pumps with 15K fluid ends
  • (4) 2250 HP Pumps with 15K fluid ends
  • 1000 HP Quints
  • Data vans, Data trailers, transports, all certified 1502 2" and 3" iron.
  • Soon adding 6 more fiber-lined transports with the ability to transport raw acid

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