At Lightning Energy Services, we offer a range of services and equipment for efficient conductor settings and Mousehole/Anchor/Cellar Installation.

Our reliable and knowledgeable field staff and management team can help provide the right solution with countless years of experience. We offer fully integrated rigs that can save you money on larger vertical and horizontal rigs.

Our Drilling Services include

  • SR 30 Auger Rigs
  • Drill Cellars 8 Ft and 6 Ft diameter to 10 ft Deep
  • Drill Conductors up to 105 Ft with 36-inch auger
  • Drill Mouse holes and install casing

Contact us today to learn more about how Lightning Energy Services can help you with your wellsite drilling services.


Lighting Energy is a trusted leader in Rathole Drilling, Mousehole Drilling and Conductor Drilling for the oil and natural gas industry. You can rely on our experienced team, state-of-the-art modern equipment, and outstanding work ethic to get the job done right the first time.

Our fleet of trucks, drill rigs and equipment help ensure we perform an accurate and efficient job with your Mousehole Drilling or Rathole Drilling needs.


Our drilling team at Lightning Energy is dedicated to servicing the needs and demands of our customers. Schedule flexibility and timing are critical to success in each step of the well drilling process, and your casing drilling and conductor drilling is no exception.

Understanding the importance of the well casing, which provides for stability of the well, prevents well wall collapse and ensures a seal from fresh water-bearing zones, our team provides safe and accurate drilling and installation.

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