Lightning Energy has the right team, experience and equipment to be your leading cementing, pumping and mixing service provider. We understand the importance of proper cementing services on your jobsite and are committed to getting the job done accurately and timely to ensure your project's success.

We take pride in the upkeep and maintenance of our equipment to ensure we remain operational during your project, and to ensure we minimize any and all potential downtime.

Our cement services focus on two main aspects of the oilfield; specifically cement surface casings and cement plugs and abandonment. Be sure to contact our team at Lightning Energy Services for more information or to learn more about your next cement project!

Surface Casings

Cementing is one of the most important operations performed on a well in order to ensure complete zonal isolation, aquifer protection, and the structural integrity of the wellbore. After drilling a conductor, steel pipe, or casing, is inserted into the hole. Cement is then pumped down the pipe and circulated up the annulus to create a strong barrier of protection between the well and rock formations. Without it, the well may never reach its full production potential, and liquids from one zone could interfere with, or be lost to, another.

Plugs & Abandonment

Cement plugs are used in various formations to
create a permanent barrier in the wellbore. Cement plugs may be placed in open hole wells when challenges are encountered while drilling, or in cased hole wells after the hydrocarbons have been produced/extracted from the well. We provide both standard and specialty slurries for abandonment, well stabilization, and lost circulation cement plug operations.

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