About Lightning Energy

Founded on the philosophy of providing unrivaled customer service, Lightning Energy has quickly become a recognized industry service provider to the oilfield and natural gas industry throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and New Mexico.

Dedicated to safety and quality, the team at Lightning has continued to grow and evolve their services to meet the demands of our customers to now offer drilling services, cement services and pressure pumping services.

Our mission is simple, yet the basis of everything we do. We are committed to providing excellent services that enhance and develop mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, providing a safe and beneficial work environment for our team and operating in the safest and environmentally conscientious manner.

At Lightning Energy, we are proud to offer great people, equipment, and services to maximize profit and performance for the client.

What defines the team at Lightning Energy?


The oil and gas industry is a 24/7/365 day industry that has continuous needs and obstacles. At Lightning Energy, we have the team, the dedication, and the experience to not only overcome these challenges but also to be proactive in predicting and being as efficient as possible on every jobsite.

We provide the best oilfield services in the industry that provide you the trust and reliability you can count on.

Setting The Standard In Oilfield Values:

At Lightning Energy, we work to set the standard for oilfield service providers by instilling a core set of values and standards from which we operate through the Marcellus Shale, Utica Shale, and Permian Basin. 

Safety: Our first priority on each and every job for both our customers and our team members. No matter the project, the safety of our team and customers will be our top priority.

Quality: We strive to not only meet but exceed every quality standard for the services we provide. From our Drilling and Mousehole services to our Cement and Pressure Pumping services, our quality is our reputation.

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